David Gaciño

CHM head trainer More than 20 years as a horse riding professional in the RAID (equestrian endurance riding) discipline, specialist teacher in physical-sports activities in the horse-riding module at the Porto do Son Institute, as well as having a prestigious professional career in races throughout the world.

  • Galician Champion
  • National Champion of Colombia
  • Best rider of the longest race in the world (Al Ándalus)
  • Ecuador trainer at the Normandy equestrian games
  • Colombia trainer at the Slovakia world championships

Horse lover

David started riding horses at a very young age. With his first pay check and much effort he purchased his first horse "Marqués", his second father, Kiko, allowed him to keep the horse in his house, so that he could ride it when he came home from school. Little by little he realised that this was his passion, and, when he was a teenager, he rode at his first equestrian centre together with his cousin on the outskirts of his beloved town of Porto do Son. At that time they organised horse riding, provided meals and drinks at a centre called Equitur. At this time, given his abilities in horse handling, they offered him the opportunity to join the teachers at the Porto do Son Institute, teaching horse riding within the physical sports activities course. Since then he has combined his sporting career with his working life as a teacher for more than 20 years... how time flies!

Passionate for RAID

He has known the world of RAID for nearly 20 years, as there was already a championship in Galicia. He decided to try his luck starting with the first promotion tests; controlled speed at 40, 60, and 80 km. It was his participation in the longest race in the world, Al Ándalus, which truly led David to reorientate his business, and therefore his life, from trekking and training to focusing on sports performance improvement for lovers of RAID.

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