We have 3x3 boxes at our facilities, which we use whenever required by the customer. Furthermore, the boxes have an essential function during tasks such as the arrival of a horse during its adaptation period, for control of colts during their breaking-in phase or simply for leaving our horses prepared before making a journey to compete. In any event, our way of understanding this sport is to leave the horses in paddocks, where they are closer to their habitat.


“La actividad es indispensable para mantener la salud física y mental de tu caballo”

Este es un complemento indispensable para el mantenimiento y la buena forma física de los caballos, por ello hemos dotado a nuestro club de un moderno caminador, situado cerca de la zona de pistas y de los boxes, para permitir que todos nuestros clientes puedan garantizar el ejercicio diario de sus caballos o el complemento necesario para la recuperación física o preparación deportiva.


"Your horse will be in the best conditions and have our full care"

The paddocks are made up of enclosed spaces of about 500 m2 with shed. Our intention is that the horses are in their natural state and at the same time have our full care and attention. They sleep with a thermal blanket during winter and their space is cleaned twice a day.


"You will find the best tracks for practising RAID at our facilities in an incomparable landscape environment"

Currently, we have two tracks; one small for breaking in and another larger one for galloping. Furthermore, thanks to being located in Monte Muiño, a village belonging to the municipality of Porto Do Son, we can use perfectly prepared tracks for the performance of our discipline, and can enjoy 6 km of beach and more than 50 km of paths through the mountains. There is no better place for RAID!

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